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Capstone is the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of clean-and-green microturbine power generation systems and the first to market with its high efficiency air bearing technology.

In partnership with Capstone, E-Finity Distributed Generation is the leading distributor and authorized service provider.


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Energy Professionals Choose E-Finity

We partnered with Capstone Distributor, E-Finity, to design build a highly efficiency 390kW combined cooling and heating plant onsite. At startup we immediately cut our energy costs by 25% and began making 100% of our main building’s HVAC utilizing the waste heat from the microturbines. Eight years later E-Finity keeps our CCHP plant at peak performance with their remote monitoring system and highly responsive service team.
Our experience with E-Finity has been nothing short of exceptional!”

- Jeff Staub, Plant Engineering Manager, Viking Yacht Company

Viking Yachts

“The multiple turbine configuration will allow the island to stay at peak electrical performance during our construction build-out phase as well as during seasonal occupancy change,” said Dan Moore, President of Straticon Marine Division. “The low decibel noise levels and oil free operation of microturbine-powered system dials right into helping the island achieve its sustainability goals,” concluded Mr. Moore.

Walkers Cay

“E-Finity has provided Jackson Development Co. with a dependable and cost-effective means to generate off grid power for our multifamily rental developments in the USVI. Without E-Finity’s expertise in power generation and microgrid technology, it would be impossible for us to provide safe, affordable and hurricane hardened housing for Virgin Islanders.”

- Bob Jackson, Principal, Jackson Development Company, LLC


E-Finity has delivered outstanding service over the life of our system which was commissioned over 6 years ago. The entire service and support staff have been amazing to work with. When we need them, they are here quickly and are a valued partner to us. E-Finity has earned my trust and it is refreshing to be able to rest easy knowing I have them as a resource to support our complex CCHP plant.
Thank you E-Finity!

- Pete Spicher, Facilities Manager, PSECU


In April 2012, PGW committed to leading by example and started-up its 200kW Capstone Microturbine CCHP plant at their corporate headquarters. “Continuous operation and maintenance by E-Finity has this system approaching 10 million kWH of generate electricity and simultaneously proving free cooling to PGW’s data center,” said Sherif Youssef, Sales and Marketing Director for PGW.


By capturing waste heat CHP provides instant energy efficiency to the Hospitality industry and opens the creative imagination door to the industries work force’s carbon footprint efforts in saving our planet Earth. E-Finity helped me deploy and operate two separate CHP plants which have been running for more than 13 years displacing thousands of tons of carbon. If we all did a little, we would save a lot for our future generations.

- Marvin Dixon, VP Engineering, Valley Forge Casino Resort


“Our goal for Walker’s Cay was to create a sustainable development that could adapt to the growing needs of the island over time and serve as a beacon for sustainable communities. By incorporating clean-energy technologies like Capstone microturbines, we estimate that we will reduce island CO2 emissions by 20,000 tons per year, the equivalent of removing 4,000 vehicles from the road or planting over 300,000 trees,” added Mr. Allen.


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