Magens Junction

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St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands
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Magen's Junction, adjacent to the beautiful Magen’s Bay, is a residential community featuring one- and two-bedroom apartments in St. Thomas, USVI. The first phase of the community included 64 multi-family units and reached out to E-Finity for their power generation. Five C65 Microturbines provide 100% of the site’s electricity. 150 kW of solar production is paralleled with the microturbines. The community expanded in 2020, adding a 45-unit addition will also add two more Capstone microturbines, as well as an additional 40 kW of solar and an 800 kW Battery Energy Storage System. The microgrid system was designed and provide by E-Finity. The complex microgrid is controlled by E-Finity’s proprietary MTIM Microgrid Controller. The system provides all of the communities electrical demands while producing low emission and reliable energy.

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