Walkers Cay

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System Size:
2,000 kW
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Nearly destroyed by consecutive hurricanes and abandoned for several years, Walker’s Cay began reconstruction to restore the northernmost cay to its former glory. The one-hundred-acre island redevelopment will include extensive renovations to existing structures and phased construction of over 100,000-square-feet of new buildings that include a newly configured marina basin with mega-yacht slips, villas, restaurants, chapel, bonefish lodge, spa and fitness center, along with many other amenities. E-Finity Distributed Generation helped design and is in the implementation process of the power solution systems for energy generation, continuing their expansion of sustainable energy in the Caribbean market. Two liquified natural gas (LNG) fueled 1MW microturbines will provide an environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to the island’s outdated and inefficient diesel reciprocating engine power plant which currently provides power to neighboring island. This system will provide low noise, low emission and highly reliable power during construction and varying seasonal occupancies, both reducing energy costs and helping the island reach its sustainability goals.

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