Sierra Nevada Brewery

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System Size:
400 kW
North Carolina
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While climbing in the Sierra Nevada mountains, Ken Grossman’s bold idea took shape: build a brewery. A company with a commitment to brewing incredible beer also made a commitment to a bigger picture of protecting the environment. As part of their commitment to the environment, Sierra Nevada Brewery turned to E-Finity in 2013 to install two CR200 Grid Connect Capstone microturbines and 250 scfm Biogas Compression and Moisture Removal system provided by Unison Solutions, Inc. By processing waste to produce biogas, the company can burn cleaner fuel in a more efficient system. The turbines produce 400 kW of electricity with low emissions which offsets the company’s overall electrical expenses. The renewable system helps Sierra Nevada to be one of the most energy efficient breweries in the world today.

Making facilities environmentally friendly and efficient

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