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System Size:
5,000 kW
Natural Gas
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Since they rolled out the first carpets in 1878, Mohawk flooring continues a tradition of quality today with revolutionary product innovation, award-winning design, and a talented team dedicated to outstanding service. Their Dal Tile facility in Dickson, Tennessee installed 5 MW’s of Capstone microturbines that were commissioned and installed in 2019 by E-Finity. The combined heat and power system recover the turbine’s exhaust and uses it to supplement the burner in their spray dryer. The site is Capstone’s largest worldwide in terms of MW’s of generation and the turbines allow the plant to continue running in the event of a grid failure. The system reduces the facility’s carbon footprint while producing low emission, resilient power, and heat efficiently. The microturbines also provide backup power to the facility in the event of a grid outage which is critical to Dal-Tile’s business continuity.

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