Messiah University

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System Size:
1,000 kW
Natural Gas
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Messiah University is a top-ranked private university of the liberal and applied arts and sciences in the northeastern U.S. The college needed a clean energy solution that would provide year-round electrical power to the campus center, along with heating and cooling to various other campus buildings. Capstone microturbines were selected for their reliability, low emissions, and quiet operation as part of the college’s long-term plan to reduce its carbon footprint and meet its sustainability initiatives. A natural gas fueled C1000 Power package was installed in 2016 in a combined cooling, heat and power (CCHP) application to produce electrical power as well as hot and chilled water. The turbines operate in dual mode with the option to operate in parallel with the grid and also independent in the event of a grid failure. The result is a reliable and efficient energy system with lower operating expenses than the traditional approach.

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