Cannabis Grow Facility

Project Details

System Size:
2 MW
Jessup, MD
Natural Gas
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Verano, a multi-state operator of premium medical and recreational cannabis grow facilities and dispensaries, sought to reduce operating costs, reduce carbon footprint and increase reliability and operational uptime of their indoor grow facility in Jessup, MD.  Given the facility’s high electrical demand and chilled water requirements, it was an ideal candidate for a combined cooling, heat & power system (CCHP) with power supplied by Capstone natural gas microturbines.  E-Finity Distributed Generation Microturbine implemented the project through a Design-Build delivery method with 3rd party financing consisting of two C1000S Microturbines coupled to two exhaust gas driven absorption chillers making 900 tons of chilled water along with the associated pumping systems, cooling tower and a backup electric chiller.  The project was commissioned in September 2023 providing their much needed increase in resiliency with a reduction in carbon emissions.

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