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System Size:
200 kW
Natural Gas
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Benz Research and Development Corp. founded in 1980 is a leader in research, development and manufacturing of optical polymers and associated technology used worldwide for contact lenses and interocular lenses. In April 2019, the company turned to E-Finity Distributed Generation to upgrade an existing Capstone combined cooling heat and power system (CCHP) to support increased energy demands and to increase the site’s resiliency in hurricane prone Florida. The upgrade coincided with the company’s commitment to environmental awareness by increasing efficiency and reducing need for utility power. A C200S microturbine was installed to upgrade the existing C65 array. The new system produces an additional 60 tons of cooling and offsets 200 kW of electrical power. The microturbine also provides backup power to the critical areas of the facility in the event of a utility grid failure. The upgraded system provides cleaner, reliable power while saving the company upwards of $60,000 a year in energy costs.

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