Christian Health Care Center

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System Size:
260 kW
New Jersey
Natural Gas
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Founded in 1911, Christian Health Care Center is a non-profit, health-care organization offering a continuum of high-quality senior living, short-term rehabilitation (post-acute care), and mental-health services. For more than a century, Christian Health Care Center has grown and expanded to meet the changing needs of the community. To support the electric demands, four Capstone C65 turbines were implemented in the facility. When hurricane Sandy struck New Jersey in 2012, the Health Center was able to run completely independent of the grid powered by the microturbines for 14 days. The turbines simultaneously produce 260 kW of electricity, 100 tons of cooling, and 1.2 million BTU’s of hot water. In addition to being cost and environmentally conscious, the system implemented at the Christian Healthcare Center is a testament to the benefits and resilience of the microturbine systems.

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