American University

Project Details

System Size:
1,000 kW
Washington, DC
Natural Gas
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American University is a leader among Washington DC universities in global education. The university has significant sustainability commitments towards carbon neutrality and renewable energy generation. In 2019 E-Finity commissioned a 1 MW CHP system as part of the university’s central utility plant upgrade. The system provides power, hot water, and chilled water (CCHP) to the campus. The microturbine works in conjunction with the local utility to provide electricity to the university’s buildings, reducing their grid dependence and lowering their annual energy costs. The innovative cogeneration solution features a one-megawatt (MW) microturbine system pre-packaged and integrated heat recovery modules (HRM), producing a system with an overall efficiency greater than 80%. As more businesses look towards decentralizing generation, E-Finity continues to be at the forefront of distributed generation industry, delivering clean and reliable energy systems which require minimal maintenance.

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